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Last Updated: 4 Jun 21

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This Tab allows you to load individual character traits onto the selected character on the screen (the one with the yellow triangle above their head).  It also allows you to arrange and hide your characters as you need to, and Copy ALL and Paste ALL from your selected character.



Selects either a single Character (places a Yellow marker above their head), or all of the Characters.


Allows you to arrange your character’s and sort the order to your liking. 

Copy-All Body / Paste-All Body:

This works the same as in the  Setting Tab Copies all the data from one character and Pastes it on another. A full explination can be found at this link.

Reset All

Resets all Characters to either the initial screen call value, or the original save value the you loaded in at the beginning of the session. A full explination can be found at this link.

Configueable Random

This Configurable Random Button randomly selects values from the Tags below. For more info on Configurable Random Buttons, there is a guide here.


1. Select Character

You can select one of the nine characters by either clicking on them, or using the Arrow Buttons either side of the Tag to select the character you want.  Click on the Show / Hide Character function within the Tag to show or hide the character.  Note that when Exporting and Importing, or Saving, that if your character is Hidden, then the data won’t be Exported or Saved.

2. Pose Presets

Cycles through 132 different preset poses. This Tag has an arrow function to mirror the pose in the opposite direction, either left or right.

3. Preset Skin colour and Breast size

Cycles through a total 74 different Skin Colours, Tan Lines, and Pubic Hair Values by Breast Size.  Use the Arrow keys to cycle through the Values.

Note the the facial expressions and posture do not change, it’s just Jade here is having trouble with real world physics…

4. Preset Height:

Use the Slider to move through the different Preset Total Heights.  Changes height (total height), leg length, chest circumference, and shoulder width all at once.

5. Hair Type Presets:

Cycles through 166 Different Hair presets.  Includes a Single swab colour palette (55 colours) for the hair.

6. Eye & Eyebrow Presets:

A selection of 77 different Eye and Eyebrow Presets.  Includes a Single swab colour palette (40 colours) for the Eyes.  Select your options by clicking on the Arrow Buttons either side of the Tag.

7. Clothing Preset:

55 different Clothing Preset items.  Links with Underwear Presets via a Random Link.  Navigated by clicking on the Arrow Buttons either side of the Tag.

8. Underwear Presets:

Option opened by selecting the Random Link between Tags 7&8. Total of 104 different underwear presets, although they are little more than a few common types of underwear in all the different colours of the rainbow, and no one wants to see 104 images of that.

9. Background Presets:

25 Different background presets made up from the Background Tab, the Free Arrange Speech Balloons Tab, and the Free Arrange Furniture Tab.  Select by clicking on the Arrow Buttons.

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