Import/export, save & load

Last Updated: 03 Apr 21


Allows you to save locally, and import or export your Characters between sessions.



Selects either a single Character (places a Yellow marker above their head), or all of the Characters.

Shortcut Keys

Spacebar and Click

In 2. Improt/Export mode, hold down Space and click on any of the selected (highlighted) Tags, and they will all switch on/off (selected/deselected).


1. Save & Load to a texts file

Creates a save file that you can save anywhere you like. Handy for the online version, or if you want to make sure that your precious save files are safe.

2. Import and Export

Creates a dialog box with the value text that is read by the application that you can copy and/or paste. Handy for sharing Characters with others, or for importing a Character into another session. Use the Export function to copy, and the Import function to paste.

Import/Export Dialog Box

You’ll notice that some of the Tags down the bottom are ‘grayed out’. That is because not all of the Tags are selected by default. You can click on them to activate (and deactivate) them, or you can select the All button on the upper left of the Tag line.

Export All selected

Now all of the Tags are selected, and there is more Text in the export file. You can copy and paste this to share your creations with others, or paste it into another session using the Import function.

3. Local Save Files

Saves you files locally within the application. You can save up to 52 files here, and a guide to how these work can be found here.

4. Save all, load all

This creates a Text file that has all of your local save files together. This is especially handy if you are switching between computers or need to save all your save files for whatever reason. To reload your save all file, use the load all function. A guide to save files can be found here. Just make sure your destination doesn’t contain any files that you want to keep, as the load all function will wipe any files in the destination local save location.

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