Downloading Kisekae 2

Last Updated: 13 Mar 22

Kisekae 2 is available for FREE! It’s an application that the developer Pochi has made available for download. It runs on the Adobe Air platform, so there is a few steps you need to jump through to open the application.

Windows and Mac

First, you need to download Adobe Air for either Windows or MacOS. It’s a packaging software that allows you to run and download Kisekae 2, and update it without losing your settings. Currently Adobe is partnering with Harman, a Samsung owned software development company, to deploy Adobe Air and manage other legacy support platforms.

Once you have Adobe Air downloaded, you can go to any one of these locations to Download Kisekae 2. They are all accounts owned by the developer and are first party sites. A point to note, these sites are in Japanese, so if you think you will struggle consider installing a translation plugin in your browser of choice.

The needlessly large download button. Links to Pochi’s Pixiv Fanbox

Pochi’s Fantia Site, it’s like Patron, but Japanese.
Pochi’s Pixiv Fanbox Account, it’s linked to their Pixiv account, and you can donate or download content from here.

Please consider donating to Pochiko whilst your there. If you become a donar you will have access to exclusive add-ons and content, as well as keeping this application alive!

To access the Download you need to go to the download post on one of the sites linked above . These contain things like a link to the Adobe Air site, a link to report bugs and a list of bugfixes for the current version, and so on.

Once the download is complete un-zip the downloaded file and open the .air file, and Adobe Air will do the rest!

Linux & Android

I’ve updated this section because it is no longer possible to run Kisekae on Linux or Android the same way you once could. Kisekae will now only run on the latest versions of Adobe Air, which are not supported by these OS’s. If this changes, I will update this post.


So you’ve got word that the version of Kisekae 2 has updated, and you want to update to the latest version. First thing you need to do is to go to one of the download sites and download the latest Zip file. Unzip the folder you just downloaded, and you should have a a file that looks something like this: kisekae_verxxx.air .

Open this file and Adobe Air will begin to unpackage the file. This will give you the latest version of Kisekae 2, and keep all your settings.

Updating Adobe Air is much the same. There will be times when you go to download the newest version of Kisekae 2 and the Adobe Air load screen will say words to the effect of ‘Unable to load as this version of Air is not compatable with your system’. You will need to re-download the latest version of the Air Installer to update your version of Adobe Air to the latest version.