Copy/Paste Function

Last Updated: 02 Mar 21

 The Copy/Paste Function allows you to Copy every Tag from the current Tab, and Paste it from the selected Character, onto another Character.

The selected Character has an arm pose we want to use, so in the relivent Tab we can click on Copy, and it will copy the arm pose Values from the selected Character for use on another.
Once we select the Character we want, then we can click on Paste, and the selected Character now has the same arm pose as our first Character.

Copy/Paste can also copy values that you have set in certain Tags, and then repeat it in the next Slot of the same Tag. Here is an example.

Here we have a Character that has a Hair Piece that we want to duplicate and place elsewhere on the Character. Ignoring the Copy-ALL/Paste-ALL Function for now, as we just want to copy this one Hair Piece. The Hair piece that will be copied is Hair Piece 1, as it is the one selected in Tag 2.

Tag 2 can have up to 30 different Hair Pieces selected and visable at any time, but the basic Copy/Paste will only copy the Values that are displayed in the Tags as you can see them. From here we can hit Copy, and it will copy Hair Piece 1.

The Hair Piece is now copied and ready to be pasted.

You will now note that the Paste Function is now silver, indicating that you can now Paste your Hair Piece 1. From there you can go back to Tag 2, and click on the arrow button to select Slot 2. You can see that Slot 2 doesn’t have an open eye, but a red slash through it to indicate that nothing is visable for Slot 2. We aim to fix that.

A copy of Hair Piece 1 is now pasted into Slot 2.

Once we hit PasteSlot 2 is now visable, and contains a copy of Hair Peice 1. What’s that, you can’t see it? It’s there all right, it’s just in the exact same place as the first one.

Just give it the olde 180o twist, and now you see it! Your new Hair Piece is ready to be placed where you want it!