Sort Function

Last Updated: 02 Mar 21

The Sort Function allows you to arrange your Character’s and sort them in order to your liking.  Note that Character number (Tag 1) associated with with your Character remains unchanged. The Tabs we are going to use in this demonstration are the  Show/Hide Characters and Presets Tab, and the  Standing Position Tab.

A single Character selected to be sorted.

For example (above), we have selected Character 5 (from Tag 1. Select Character).  You can tell that she is the one selected as she has a yellow triangle marker above her head.

Still in position, our Character can now be moved using Tag 6 in the new Tab.

We can then go to the  Standing Position Tab and move our character using the Slider on Tag 6.

Move to the new position you want your Character and click on Sort.

Now that we have moved our character across, we can click on the Sort Tag.  Whether it is the Sort Function in the  Standing Position Tab, or the  Show / Hide Character and Preset Tab, it still works the same.

The Characters is now sorted in with the rest.

Once the Sort Function has been pressed, our character slots in where we want her, and everyone else lines up evenly.  Note that although she is now the sixth in line, she still remains character number 5 in Tag 1. Select Character.