Last Updated: 02 Mar 21


Background and foreground decorations.



Copies the currently selected Ribbon values from one slot, and applies it to either another slot.


1. Backgrounds

A total of 47 different backgrounds, with a Triple swab colour pallet (62 colours).

2. Background Depth

Changes how close the background is to the Characters. Does not work with all backgrounds.

3. Floor

A total of 17 different floors, with a Triple swab colour pallet (62 colours). Floors are not availible for all backgrounds.

4. Stage effect

Adds a total of seven Fronts to your Floor, including stages and swiming pools. Has a Triple swab colour pallet that varies with the Stage effect chosen.

5. Foreground Crowd

Three different depths of a crowd of people in the foreground.

Published by Kisekae Jade

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