Taking a Snapshot of your Characters

Last Updated: 22 Nov 20

Now that you have spent a little time perfecting your Character, you’ll likely want to share it with the world. You can do this with the Zoom/Screenshot Tab.

Here we have a Jade. She’s just hangin’ out on the roof, thinking she cool (don’t tell her, she’ll figure it out one day…). And now you want to take a picture. You’ll notice that the Zoom Slider bar has been moved up a bit to zoom in on her, but what if you wanted to zoom in, but only take a picture of the Character and not all the stuff off to the side?

What you can do is click on the Tag on the far right of the bottom row that looks like a person with a box around it. Once you have done that, you can drag a box around the area that you want to take a picture of.

A Character with a Trim box around them.

With only the area around the Character selected, we now have the image that we want to capture, so how do we take a photo?

Taking a Snapshot

There are a whole bunch of options when taking a snapshot, but I’ll try and keep it simple. The simplist way to take a photo is to click on the JPG button on the bottom row and save your image where you want it. That will give you an image that looks something like this:

A JPG Image

Nice! Exactly what we wanted, right? Sure, but we can do soooo much more! What we are going to look at next is the Exported Image Magnification function, which is the camera with a + sign next to it on the top row, and the 5 functions it has beside it. This lets us change the outputted image size from between 50-250%. 2 (100%) is the default image size. Snazzy!

But lets not just stop there. Maybe you don’t want all that stuff in the background. MAYBE you want to use your image in a super awesome picture, or even a comic! Well, yes you can!

This time around we’re going for a PNG! PNG’s are usually a bit larger of a file than a JPG, but they hold more information so the quality is sometimes better (stats for nerds: Kisekae 2 uses a 32 bit PNG with an Alpha Channel). Now you COULD just take a Snapshot by clicking on the PNG button on the bottom left, but you’ll get a pretty simular looking picture to your JPEG one. We want to go one better.

If you click on the transperency button just off to the right of the PNG button, when you take your picture (using the PNG button), you will get a transperent background!

A… Transperent background..?

Wait a minute! Thats not what I wanted!!! Yep, this sometimes happens. Along with the default backgrounds sometimes comes decorations and shadings that you don’t want in your shot. You can disable them using the Free Arrange Balloons or Free Arrange Props Tabs. Lets give that a go.

A Transperent Background!

There we go! Just a Jade and nothing else. So to summerise, JPEG’s are quick and easy if you want to use the provided backgrounds, but if you want more flexability you can use some of the things we learnt about using PNG’s. You can make your exported images larger or smaller, using a combination of Zoom, Exported Image Magnification and using the Trim box function. If you want to find out more about the other options in the Zoom/Screenshot Tab, there is a handy tutorial over here.