Configurable Random Buttons

Last Updated: 28 May 22

These tricky blighters show up in a lot of Tabs, and can be pretty confusing, even for experianced uses. What we’ll go through in this tutorial is what they do, and how to configure these so they can work for you.

Clicking on the spanner icon on the left side of random button opens up the menu above. Here we can see some buttons with text options, and some images below them that corrispond with some of the Tags below. First thing we’ll look at are the silver buttons with text on them occupying the top row.


When the Random button is clicked, changes whether or not you can see and item if the item is togglable ON/OFF using the  visable toggle switch.


When the Random button is clicked, changes any Tag that uses Arrows to select the value.


When the Random button is clicked, changes any Tag that uses sliders to change it’s value.

Color 1,2,3

When the Random button is clicked, changes any colour swab value in either the first/second/third colour swab.

The next row down are the Tag buttons. These are selectable, and apply the changes to the Tags that you have highlighted when you click on the Random button. Just be aware that Tags that, say for example, don’t have a colour swab, won’t do anything if they are selected, and only Color 1 (for example) is highlighted.

But like most things, the best way to learn is to play with all the buttons and see what they do, and don’t worry, you can always just click on the  button.