Last Updated: 21 Aug 21

Hiya and Welcome!  This is Kisekae Jade’s Everything Kisekae2 tutorial and help site!  I wanted an easy to navigate and find solution to build, update, and display tutorials on the doll program Minna no kisekae!, also known as Kisekae2.  For ease of reference throughout the site, I will refer to it as the latter.

Kisekae2 is a flash-based doll type application developed by Pochi and is available as a Strictly for Adults version, or an All Ages application.  It allows you to generate, modify and create both male and female characters, and uses an art style very similar to Manga and Anime characters.

It allows for a great deal of flexibility with poses, facial expressions and clothing, and can be a whole bunch of fun!  Links to the program, as well as the Adobe Air package manager required to run it, are available from our Downloads page.

Kisekae2 is created by Pochi, and has a huge following in both Japan where it originated, as well as overseas.  There is a Wiki (Japanese) for those who are stuck or want to browse the official artwork.  It also includes a FAQ for issues, and a portal to report any bugs.  Just be aware, it is a Japanese site.

On this site you can expect to find tutorials ranging from the most basic how too’s and functionality, and advanced use of in-app functions and modifications using pose data and icons.  I’ll add them as time permits, but if you want me to cover specific content, hit me up on the Contacts Page!

This is an independent site and is in no way affiliated with Pochi or their affiliates. 

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