Free arrange furniture

Last Updated: 02 Mar 21


Indoor and street furniture that you can place as you please.


Shuffle Slots

Sorts the slot you have selected in 2. Furniture Types, and allows you to shuffle your slots around to your choosing. A guide can be found at this link.


Copies the currently selected Furniture values from one slot, and applies it to either another slot.


1. Furniture slots

Up to 99 selectable slots to concurrently display your Furniture.

2. Furniture types

A total of 27 different types of furniture, with a Triple swab colour pallet (62 colours), and a sideways facing arrow that mirrors the item left or right.

3. Furniture variations

Changes the direction or patterns of various furniture items.

4&5. Furniture size

A slider that changes the (4) size of the item and one for the (5) line thickness, that have a clickable link between them so you can isolate the two.

6-9. Item location

These Tags can (6) skew (spin) the item in place, move the item (7) horizontally or (8) vertically and (9) moves the item back and forth between the layers.

Published by Kisekae Jade

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