Random Character Creation

Last Updated: 14 Mar 21


Randomly generates Characters with a given clothing theme selected from the functions in the Menu.



Selects either a single Character (places a Yellow marker above their head), or all of the Characters.


1. Character Proportions

Generates a character different from the anime inspired default style, to one with more realistic proportions. The change is implemented when you click on choices 4-11, which will produce a randomly generated character in the style of the selected function.

  • 1 is the default style ‘Chibi’ style
  • 2 has a smaller head and eyes

2. Character Age Group

All Ages Mode ONLY. Hopefully it is obvious why.

Generates a character that is either a grade-schooler or more mature. Change is implemented when you click on choices 4-8.

1 is the default Mature Character

2 is the Grade-Schooler Character.

3. Character Hair Colour Options

Generates a character with normal or graduated Hair. Change is implemented when you click on choices 4-11.

  • 1 is normal single hair colour
  • 2 is a darker graduated colour based on the main hair colour.
Examples. First character has changed character proportions (1), Second has a changed Age Group (2), Third has Graduated Hair (3), Forth is in a summer uniform (5), Fifth is in a swimsuit (6), Sixth is in underwear only (7), and the Seventh is wearing a bunny suit (8).

4-11 Character Creation

Generates a character with the selected traits. Change is implemented when you click on choices 411.

  • 4 is a randomly generated winter school uniform
  • 5 is a randomly generated summer themed dress
  • 6 is a randomly generated one piece swimsuit
  • 7 is a randomly generated two piece swimsuit or underwear
  • 8 is a randomly generated bunny-suit
  • 9 is a randomall generated maid outfit
  • 10 is a randomally generated cheerleader outfit
  • 11 is a randomally generated nurse outfit.

Published by Kisekae Jade

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