Last Updated: 03 Mar 21

Functions are those silver and black coloured Tags that sit above the rest of the Tags within a Tab. They serve a common role or Function in every Tab, but not all Tabs have all of the Functions, some may only have one or two, or they may have a whole bunch. Either way, they all do the same thing the same way in each case.

Some of the Functions you may see above the rest of the Tags within a Tab.

In this tutorial we’re going to cover all of the Funtions, what they do and how they work, and what we can do with them. Some of these explinations can get a little long and will have their own tutorial. These will be linked in the description of each Function.

Menu Position

 The Menu Position Function will move both the Tag and Tab menu to the top of the screen. This helps when some of the menu items are blocking your work.

The Menu Position Funtion moves the Menu either to the top of the page or to the bottom (default).

Menu Close

The Menu Close Function collapses the Tag menu only and just leaves the Tab menu.  This helps when some of the Tag menu items are blocking your work, and you want to check your progress.

The Menu Close Function collapses the Menu to just the Tabs.


 The Select/ALL Function will allow you to select which Character the changes you are about to make applies to. You can select a Character by clicking on them (note that if you click on an item of clothing it will remove that item as well as select the Character, so be carefull where you click!), or by selecting the Character in the  Show/Hide Characters and Presets TabTag 1. The selected Character will then Appear with a Yellow Triangle floating above their head.

Alternatively, you can select ALL, and all the Characters will be selected. Remember, that this will apply whichever change you make to all the Characters.

When Select is chosen, only a single Character will have a yellow triangle above their head.

When All is selected, all the Characters can be changed at once.


 The Random Function will randomise the Values from the Tags in the Tab they are assosiated with.

Here the Random Function has randomally selected one of the Characters availible from the Tags below. The Random Function will use all the Tags it has availible to it at the time, so not all Tabs will have as orderly an outcome as this.

There are also Configurable Random Buttons, and they have their own tutorial at the link.


 The Sort Function allows you to arrange your Character’s and sort them in order to your liking.  This is a little on the long side, so it is explained in detail at this link.


 The Copy/Paste Function allows you to Copy every Tag from the current Tab, and Paste it from the selected Character, onto another CharacterCopy/Paste can also copy values that you have set in certain Tags, and then repeat it in the next Slot of the same Tag. A full explination can be found at this link.


This is a Copy/Paste Function for Tabs that have multiple Slots with which you can place muliple quantities of an alike item. This can be used the same way as above, however, in this case it will copy all of the items in all the Slots you have marked as visable (they have an open eye next to them, and can be seen on the Character) and paste all of them on the selected character.

Copy All Body/Paste All Body

 This Function is found in  Show/Hide all Character Presets &  Settings Tabs. It will copy a Character in it’s entirity and paste it on to another Character.


 The Reset Function will reset the Characters values (the settings in your Tags) for the given Tab, to the values that they started the session with. This could either be the values that they had at the beginning of your session for a new Character, or what they started out with when you loaded a saved Character.

This is especially hany if you used the Random function and you don’t like what you ended up with. Or you make a mistake and can’t remember how to fix it, or even if you liked how your character looked before and you just want to go back to the start with what you are currently working on.

Remember, this just effects the Tab you are currently using, so if you are in the Hair Peices Tab, it will effect all your Hair Pieces and nothing else.


 This Function is found in  Show/Hide all Character Presets &  Settings Tabs. It will Reset Character in it’s entirity back to how it was at the beginning of your session.

Shuffle Slots

 These will allow you to Shuffle your items through your Slots to reorder them to your liking. This is super handy when you’re making complex custom Characters and the items just aren’t in the order you want them to be, or items are sitting over top of each other in the wrong order.

Just select the item number you want to move, click up and down on the Shuffle arrows until it is in front or behind the other items as you intend, and you are done!