Making male characters in Kisekae

Last updated: 19 Apr 21

Having an all female cast of characters is fine, but every now and then you may want to diversify your cast of characters to include guys. Unfortunatly, Kisekae does not include any male templates, so what do you do?

Make them yourself of course! You can make your characters however you want, but here are a few hits and tips just in case you want a few pointers for how to do it yourself from scratch.

What would a Kisekae Guy even look like!?!

Funny you should ask! I found a volunteer!

Your Kisekae guy can look however you want him to, but Husband-san gets the Kisekae treatment for this tutorial.

‘That’s fine’, you may say, ‘but how is that going to help me?’ Excellent question, non-existant segue person. All the characters templates are female, so we’re going to have to start out with a girl.

KisekaeJade wholely endorses transforming spouses into other genders via magical shooter-fingers

The most obvious place to start is the build of the character. A male and female build can be very different, but there is more to it than that. The posture, build, dress, complextion and expressions can all play a part, so where do you start? For ease of explination we’ll start on the first Page of Tags and move through them from start to finish, and with any luck, I should have my Kisekae partener back to his needlessly tall self by the end.

Let’s start with  Arm poses and hand items Tab. This is where posture really begins to play a part. Note how the arms are held further away from the body, and that they bend inwards slightly at the elbows.

Wrists can generally be expected to turn in more than out, or the back of the hand can be expected to be shown more so than with females.

Generally speaking, this is considered a much more masculine posture.

Sure, it doesn’t make it a hard and fast rule, but it does make a difference when trying to express a masculine character.

You can also use this when your looking to make a less feminine female character as well, I mean, just look at her! He turned out pretty enough, but isn’t going to win any beauty pagents with THAT attitude…

Next up is the  Standing position Tab. Once again guys stand differently from girls, it has to do with the centre of gravity and hip-width.

Girls have wider hips and the sockets have evolved to maintain their center of balance with a narrower natural stance than guys. Also, testicals. I’m told they need more room, or something…

Either way, a wider and flatter-heeled stance suits a male character better than a narrower or knocked knee’d stance.

A more open stance like the one shown also add’s to the characters masculinity.

Next up is  Body Type. These numbers above are from one of the default female characters, I just changed the clothing and hairstyle a little to suit this character. They are pretty typical for a female character in Kisekae, and we are going to see what happens when you apply the settings I used for needlessly tall guy here.

All tall again! And we had to remove our characters clothes so we can see what happened, naturally…

This is pretty vanilla for a male character. Nothing special done here, and all the values are stock, and quick and dirty to get something that looks the way I want it to. There is one thing I want to point out though.

If you take note of  8. Waist thickness, it’s not all the way to 0 like some would expect. Whilst it is true that you could reduce the waist thickness for a more triangular build, it can look a little messy on a character that isn’t wearing a shirt, as seen below.

As you can see here, with the slider all the way to zero, the hips can start to clip with the torso, and this can detract for the look of the character.

But if your character is going to remain clothed, go nuts!

What you can also try is making your characters shoulders wider using the  7. Shoulder width Tag, and while holding down the Spacebar, keep dragging the slider further than 100. This will give your character wider shoulders without looking too weird. I don’t recommend doing the same with the  6. Chest circumference Tag, as it will once again mess up the hips.

Moving right along to  Skin colour, face shape and chest. These can go a long way to changing the look of your character, and there are a few hints and tips you can follow here to really finish off the character right.

The most obvious changes are the lack of breasts, slightly less pale skin tone and the Jaw, but there is one more thing that really sets the two apart. The nipples.

If the nipples are left default, they remain rather pale, large, and slightly in the wrong place, as demonstrated below.

As you can see here, they look a little… strange. By making them smaller, a little darker, and moving them down a little, they look much more natural.

And now onto the one our character has been waiting for! He gets his doodle back! I’m not going to go into this too much here, you can doodle like you do as much as you like, but I can show you a few things that can help you doodle like a pro!

First up you need to navigate to the  Settings Tab, and change Tag 7. Censoring to 8. This will remove the Censor bar from your Penis of choice.

Next up is sorting your mans package. Not every guy is going to be wearing pants, but that doesn’t mean that he needs to go naked.

Head over to the  Ribbons Tab, and get yourself a number 38. Change the colour to suit your underwear, de-link Tag 6, and set it to 1 so that there’s no outline.

Set Tag 2 to Body, and move the Ribbon over his crouch, give it a bit of a twist with Tag 8, and Bam! You have yourself a guy!

Hair can really be a subjective thing. Husbando here is actually shaved bald on his head, but it looks a little funky in Kisekae, so I left it as cropped super short. There are a bunch of more masculine hairstyles to choose from, play about with them and see what you can come up with!

Such pretty, pretty eyes…

Here we hop on over to the  Eyes Tab. Once again, this can be pretty subjective, but try to pick from the less feminine eye choices.

The  Eyebrows, mouth, nose and ears Tab is as versatile as it sounds.

There is a bunch you can do here, but the big ones are the eyebrows and the nose. You want a more prominent nose without going too overboard, and less well cared for eyebrows. They don’t need to be super bushy or large, just not something that has obviously been shaped or trimmed.

I’m going to skip a bunch here, and move onto clothing choices and pretty much leave it there. You can customise your character to the moon and back, I’m not going to tell you how to do that as it takes all the fun out of it.

And you thought he didn’t learn anything from all of this…

Guys clothes tend to be more muted in their colour choices, and practical in their use. Have them follow a theme, and don’t go too nuts on the colour choices, and your golden.

Clothing can be customised up the wazoo, and so can many of the other options when it comes to your character. There are a bunch of really talanted folks on places like deviantART and Twitter, that can do some really great stuff.

This has been a REALLY simple, rough and ready guide on how to go about making a male character in Kisekae. Look around and see how other folks do things, and take in some of their ideas when it comes to male characters.

And most of all, enjoy!