Shortcut Keys

Last Updated: 4 Jun 21

Did you know that there are a whole bunch of shortcut keys that are already pre-formatted for Kisekae 2? Or that you can even configure your own shortcut keys to aid your Kisekae workflow? Well there is! And lucky you, you get to ready all about them here.

Now, before we start, we have to understand where and when we can use these shortcut keys, because not all of them can be used in all locations, and some of them are very specific to their single uses. Configurable Shortcut Keys are further covered in the Settings Tab. First we’ll start off with the universal shortcut keys you can use everywhere.

Universal Shortcut keys

Spacebar and Left mouse button (click)

As you well may know by now, if you click on a piece of clothing or an accessory, it often causes it to disappear. But there are some things that don’t. By holding down the Spacebar when you click on these items, you can cause them to act like any other item and disappear as well, so long as there isn’t any layers in front of the item you are trying to click on. Specifically this relates to the following items:

  • “Looooove Juice”
  • Pubic Hair
  • Hair on the Characters head
  • Animal Ears
  • Horns
  • Facial Marks
  • “Emotional expression” effects
  • Gloves

& > – These are the Less than (<) & Greater than (>) keys, which also house the comma and fullstop in the US keyboard layout. These let you navigate the different Pages in the Menu bar. Switch back and forwards between pages on the fly with this handy shortcut!

7 – Adds body hight, hold down Shift and 7, and it decreases body hight.

8 – Adds body width, hold down Shift and 8, and it decreases body width.

9 – Makes underwear more transparent. Hold down Shift and 9, and it makes the underwear less transparent, and Ctrl and 9 resets the transparency.

M – I use this one a bunch. It displays the numrical value of Sliders and such as a callout above the Tag.

V – Moves the yellow arrow that sits above the currently selected Character from behind to in front. Say your Character has large hair, and you can’t see if they are selected or not because the arrow is blocked behind their hair. Press the ‘V’ key and it will now be in front of the hair.


One for those who want to get serious with their Characters design, and one of the best things to every happen to the app. By holding down the Spacebar and either using your arrow keys or dragging a Slider past the edges of the Tag, you can go beyond the constraints of the Slider! Well below the 0 value or to infinity and beyond! The marker on the slider will display blue when you do this to remind you of all that you have wrought upon your poor character!


This one can be a little… finicky, ie. it can go crazy on you, or even cause issues with the app some times. If you hold down Shift and use it as above with the Spacebar, you can change all the values the the slider controls for all of the slots that it relates to. Say you have 3 different Hair Pieces in 3 different slots. You decide that you want to not just change the size of the one hair piece you currently have selected, but all three. Hold down Shift as you do so, and all 3 sizes will change.

Specific Tab Keys

Automatic Touching 

A – Rubs the characters right breast up and down.

– Rubs the characters left breast up and down.

Z – Right breast rub side to side.

X – Left breast rub side to side.

D – Crouch Stimulation.

F – Kiss

Zoom / Screenshot 

Arrow Keys – Move the screen arround whilst zoomed in.

Spacebar and Arrow keys – Moves the screen outside of it’s standard left and right range. You can also do this by holding down the space bar and click/dragging the screen.

W & Q – Increases and decreases zoom.

E – Resets the Zoom.

Import / Export, Save and load 

Spacebar and Click

In Improt/Export mode, hold down Space and click on any of the selected (highlighted) Tags, and all of the Tags will switch on/off (selected/deselected).


– Aligns all of the hair gradient colours with the base hair colour.

2 – Makes the line colour of the hair match the line color of the base hair (make all hair parts align their hair outline colour to the base hair outline colour).

3 – Adds transpency to the Hair outline. Press 3 once, and the hair ouline goes 50% trasparent, twice and it goes compleatly tranparent, and a third time it goes back to normal.

Animal ears, wings, tails and horns 

1 – Matches all of the ear and tail colours with the base hair colour.

– Makes the line colour of the ears and tail match the line color of the base hair.

3 – Adds transpency to the ear and tail outline. Press 3 once, and the hair ouline goes 50% trasparent, twice and it goes compleatly tranparent, and a third time it goes back to normal.