First start, Easy and Expert modes

Last Updated: 27 Feb 21

First Start

The first time that you start the application, you will be asked if you want the R 18 Adult version, or the All Ages version. The difference between the two is that in the All ages version you cannot remove the characters underwear, or customise or interact their genitalia. In the R18 Adult Version, you can do all this and more.

The start screen after the first time you start the application.

You can change the setting later by navigating to Expert Mode, going to the Settings Tab and selection Adult Only or All Ages.

Easy and Expert modes

Easy Mode is not overly restrictive, a whole bunch of fun can still be had by a novice user, and it can help prevent feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice the platform offers.  Fun and simple, whilst remaining very versatile.

Fun and simple, Easy mode help new users not feel overwhelmed by choice
Easy Mode

You will be greeted by a randomly generated background, with randomly generated characters usually wearing a common uniform.  This gives you options to start creating right from the start!  But if you are feeling a little bit more adventurous and really want to get your creative juices flowing, why not try ‘Expert’ Mode?

Annoyingly often, the application will throw up an Ad. Click on the cross in the upper right to close.

You can access the interface by clicking on the darker ‘Zoom/Screenshot’ Tab with the stylised magnifying glass, located in the center of the three Tabs off by themselves over on the right (circled in red below).

Switching to Expert

Click on the Easy/Expert Tag (as shown above circled in green), switching to Expert Mode and opening a whole new world up to you!

However, the Easy/Expert Tag has now moved.  If you want to go back to Easy Mode, you need to navigate to the Setting Tab.  There are a number of ways to navigate to the Setting Tab, but by far the easiest is to click on the black ‘Multiple Page Display’ Tab located on the far left hand side.

Multiple Page Display Tab

 This opens all the Tab Pages into a four row grid.  Navigate to the top row and identify the darker Setting Tab with the stylised wrench.

The Settings Tab

You can also manipulate the Pages using the ‘Switch Pages’ Function next to the Multi Page Display Function.  They are numberd from bottom to top, so the Setting Tab is on the 4th Page.

Amongst the rest of the new functions that you will find is our familiar Easy/Expert Tag.  Now you can go back to Easy town and save yourself the hassle of four Pages of choice!

Easy/Expert Tag in Expert mode

Another important setting that has moved is the Adult Only/All Ages button. The application will remember the choice you made when you first opened the application, and that will become the default from then on.  However, you can switch at any time by navigating to the Settings Tab and selecting Adult Only or All Ages.

Switching between Adult only and All Ages