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For ease of understanding, common terminology is used as much as possible in all posts.  The site’s language is English, and every effort is given to avoid regional dialects and spelling.  Below is a Glossary of terms used throughout the site.

  • Application
    • The interactive Adobe Air based program that the platform is built on.
  • Arrow Button
    • Selectable arrows either side of a Tag Function that manipulate the Value selected.
  • Character
    • One of the nine presented puppets that you can manipulate in the Application.
  • Function
    • Specific additional Tags in silver that sit above the Tags within the Tabs. These serve to provide a common action between Tabs that apply to the Character consistantly no matter the Tab.
  • Kisekae  2
    • Pochi’s Change everyones clothes aka Kisekae2!
  • Layer
    • The various visual components of the Application screen that are stacked on top of each other in a coherent manner to build the image.  Some Layers can be moved back and forth by manipulating a Tag Value (usually a Display Depth Value in a Tag, or a stand alone Slider), and some are fixed.
  • Page
    • A bar of coloured Tabs broken into themed groups to create a Menu Bar.
  • Slider
    • A Tag Function that use’s a variable slide field to determine the length/width/height of a Value.
  • Swab
    • A coloured box Function that display’s a selected or pre-determined colour, and once clicked, opens the Pallet Menu for the Tab it relates to.
  • Tab
    • A button that makes up a part of a Page.  Usually grouped by coloured function, they are the functional container for Tags.
  • Tags
    •  Arrow Buttons, Sliders and other Functions grouped to influence the character model or item Value that they relate to.  Usually associated with the grouped in picture as part of the specified Tag.
  • Value
    • A mechanic that is variable or selectable as part of the Application.  It can be manipulated by using the Arrow Buttons or Sliders on the Tags, but may be further influenced by additional Functions tied into the Tag.
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