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This Tab controls many of the funtions that are need to set up Kisekae 2 the way you want it.



Selects either a single Character (places a Yellow marker above their head), or all of the Characters.

Copy-All Body / Paste-All Body:

This works the same as in the Show / Hide Characters and Presets TabCopies all the data from one character and Pastes it on another.

Reset All

Resets all Characters to either the initial screen call value, ot the origional save value the you loaded in at the beginning of the session.


Allows you to randomly create a Character using whole Tabs instead on just Tags. Click on the spanner icon on the right to open the sub-menu.


1. Auto hide the menu bar

When ticked causes the menubar to disappear unless there is an active Tab open. To make the menubar re-appear you just need to curser over the bottom part of the screen.

2. Character indicator layer

Changes whether the Character indicator is in front or behind the Character, the same function as the V shortcut key.

3. Value callout

Displays the value of sliders and other functions as a callout above the relivent value. The same as the M shortcut key.

4. Volume

It makes things loud. Value is saved and will recommence in your next session.

5. Stereo/Mono

Yes, it’s a thing. Ticked is stereo, un-ticked is mono. Value is saved and will recommence in your next session.

6. Image quality

For… reasons? Or REALLY low bandwidth or grapics fidelity. Two settings.

7. Censoring

A total of 12 different censor’s, with it’s own special Single swab colour pallet (11 colours). 8 is no censor.


How to switch between Easy and Expert modes.


Opens the Shortcut keys dialog. Here you can set a whole range of shortcuts by binding the various functions to keys, just like a Macro. Just click on the text box to the right of the function you want to bind and type in the key. Handy!


Think pong meets strip poker

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