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Last updated: 6 Dec 20


This one confuses a lot of people. Think of it more like a slide show then a .gif. Pochi has a really good example of what it SHOULD look like here for the online version, or for the download version, you can import the data from here.



Copies the currently selected Underwear and swimsuits values from one Character, and applies it to either another slot on the current Character, or a slot on another Character.



Click on this to enter Preview mode. Once in, clicking the gray tab (button) at the bottom right of the screen will bring up some options. You can go back to editing by clicking on Edit scene, go back to the start of your Story by clicking on Page Top, or go Full screen by ticking the Full screen box. You can also save your Story data locally here as per normal. This is a specific save screen for Story mode, and isn’t the same Save screen for your Characters.

Save & Load

Allows you to Save and Load your Story files on your device.

1. Save screen

Allows you to enter the save screen from PREV without entering the PREV mode.


Allows you to output your Story as a .gif. It is restricted to 400 x 300, and isn’t… great.

2. Frame speed

For the .gif file. Higher the number, the faster the animation.

3. Story timeline

Up to 50 slots per page for saving each frame of your Story. Once you reach 50, you can keep going to the next (or previous) page by clicking on the arrows either end of the Tag.

4. Add/remove frames

5. Frame feed

Displays your frames as a numrical value for ease of access.

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