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Last Updated: 4 Jul 21


Can zoom in on the image in the application, make the application full screen, control the quality of the image capture, and capture the image within the app.



Copies the currently selected zoom/screenshot values from one Character, and applies it to either another slot on the current Character, or a slot on another Character.

Shortcut Keys

Arrow Keys – Move the screen around whilst zoomed in.

Spacebar and Arrow keys – Moves the screen outside of it’s standard left and right range. You can also do this by holding down the space bar and click/dragging the screen.

Q & W – Increases and decreases zoom.

E – Resets the Zoom.


1. Zoom

Zooms the image in and out. Range is 0 (100%) to 100 (500%).

2. Fullscreen

If online (prior to 31 Dec 20) or in windowed mode on the offline app, will make the app fullscreen. Note that you will not be able to take a snapshot whilst in this mode.

3. Change screen mode

This is offered in the Offline (download) version only. Changes the screen screen size when the app is not windowed.

With Change Screen mode ticked
With Change Screen mode not ticked

4. Exported Image Magnification

You can use this function to specify the size of the outputted image you want when capturing an image. The outputted image sizes are:

  1. 50%
  2. 100% (default Value)
  3. 150%
  4. 200%
  5. 250%

5. Screenshot PNG

Exports a captured image as a PNG (32 bit PNG with alpha channel). Use the button on the right to specify ON or OFF for background transparency. When transparency is OFF (default), the screenshot is output with everything you see on screen. When transparency is turned on, it outputs everything less the background with a transperancy (alpha) layer where there is nothing placed on the screen. A tutorial on image captures can be found here.

6. Screenshot JPG

Exports an image in JPG format. The slider on the right specifies the quality of the image. For efficiency’s sake, around 85 is a happy medium. If the value is less than this, the deterioration of the image will be noticeable. The default is 100, but if you specify 90 or higher, the file size will increase rapidly without an noticeable improvement in image quality.

7. Trim Box

These values relate to a trim box that can be generated by clicking on the far right button. If you click and drag the ‘crop’ icon it generates, you can select only the specified part of the screen you want to capture.

This can be toggled on and off by using the radio button (tick box) on the left. The values in the text boxes can be changed up and down by using the arrows on the right of each box, or by clicking inside the text area and typing in the values. They control the following functions:

  • X – Horizontal location/movement of the Trim box
  • Y – Vertical location/movement of the trim box
  • W – Width of the Trim Box
  • H – Hight of the trim box

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