Free arrange belts

Last Updated: 02 Mar 21


Belts that you can place anywhere without being attached to a Character.



Copies the currently selected Free Arrange Belts values from one slot, and applies it to either another slot.


1. Belt slots

Up to 99 selectable slots to concurrently display your belts.

2. Belts

A total of 18 different belt types, with a Triple swab colour pallet (62 colours), and a sideways facing arrow to mirror your selected belt.

3. Belt variations

Displays a number of different types of length and appearance of your selected belt.

4-6. Belt size

Changes the (4) horizontal and (5) vertical belt size, as well as the (6) line thickness. The are joined by a link that can be clicked on to decouple each function so you can manipulate then independently and 6 has a Single swab colour pallet (62 colours) for the item outline.

7&8. Belt stretch and skew

These functions can (7) stretch or (8) skew (spin) the selected belt.

9-11. Belt location

Controls the belts location and can be moved (9) horizontally or (10) vertically, and back and forth through the layers with 11.

Published by Kisekae Jade

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