Free arrange flags

Last updated: 02 Mar 21


National flags that can be placed wherever you like.



Copies the currently selected Flag values from one slot, and applies it to either another slot.


1. Flag slots

Up to 99 selectable slots to concurrently display your flags.

2. Flags

A total of 210 different flags, as listed on Wikipedia.

3. Flag variations

Don’t want a simple flag? This’ll give you a variety of options.

4&5. Flag size

The items size can be controlled (4) horizontally and (5) vertically. They can individually by delinked by clicking on the link between them.

6&7 Strech and skew

These Tags can (6) strech the item, or (7) skew (spin) the item in place.

8-10. Item location

The first two sliders can move the item (8) horizontally or (9) vertically. The final slider (10) moves the item back and forth between the layers.

Published by Kisekae Jade

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