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Changes relating to the Characters genitals. Note that this is not availible in the all ages version.



Selects either a single Character (places a Yellow marker above their head), or all of the Characters.


Copies the currently selected Genital values from one Character, and applies it to either another slot on the current Character, or a slot on another Character.


Resets to the Genital values from the beginning of your session.

Configurable Random

A Configurable Random Button that applies random attributes to the selected submenu items by clicking on the spanner icon on the right, making your choices, and then clicking on Random.


1. Penis Shape

Changes the size and type of Penis, with 10 to choose from. Has a Triple swab colour pallet (10 colour).

2. Erection size

Slider that dictates the difference between the size of the penis when flaccid, and the size of the penis when erect. The default size is 50.

3. Forskin and penis head

A choice of 15 Foreskin types. Shown below in both flacid and erect.

4. Penis size

Sliding scale of Penis size, with 50 being the default.

5. Penis Erection

Tag that contains a Auto/Manual choice button, and a Radio Button that is ticked to cause the Characters penis to become erect. Manual mode must be selected to tick the box.

6. Penis Angle

Rotates the penis through approx. 90o starting at around 45o. Penis is facing down if flaccid, and up whilst erect. 50 is the default value.

7. Scrotum type and size

Choose between 12 types and sizes of scrotum.

8. Scrotum size

Further adjusts the size of the Scrotum, with 50 being the default.

9. Vagina shape and colour

Selection offers six variations of vagina, and uses a Triple swab colour pallet (10 colours).

10. Pubic hair

A choice of 12 different patterns of pubic hair, with a Single swab colour pallet (57 colours).

11. Pubic hair opacity

Increases/decreases Pubic hair transperancy.

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