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A favorite of those who deal in belts and belt accessories.



Selects either a single Character (places a Yellow marker above their head), or all of the Characters.

Shuffle Slots

Sorts the slot you have selected in 2. Hair Slots, and allows you to shuffle your slots around to your choosing. A guide can be found at this link.


Copies all of the Belts that are currently visable from one Character, and paste them to another.


Copies the currently selected Belt values from one Character, and applies it to either another slot on the current Character, or a slot on another Character.


Resets the Belts values from the beginning of your session.

Configurable Random

A Configurable Random Button that applies random attributes to the selected submenu items by clicking on the spanner icon on the right, making your choices, and then clicking on Random.


1. Belt slots

Up to 30 selectable slots for all the different belts on you Character.

2. Belt style

A total of 18 different belt styles, with a Triple swab colour pallet (62 colours), and a sideways arrow which controls whether it is a left facing belt, a right facing belt, or double belts. Following that, there is a upwards facing arrow that controls the belt layer. In total there are four layers, the first of which is behind the shirt, then in front of the shirt but behind the Blazer, next is in front of the Blazer but behind the arms, and finally in front of the Character. Last but not least, is the Buckle button, which displays the belt as on the person (clips to the characters body shape) if the Buckle is closed, and if open it desplays as an open belt (not clipped to the body).

3. Belt variations

Displays a number of different types of length and appearance of your selected belt.

4-6. Belt size

Changes the (4) horizontal and (5) vertical belt size, as well as the (6) line thickness. The are joined by a link that can be clicked on to decouple each function so you can manipulate then independently and 6 has a Single swab colour pallet (62 colours) for the item outline.

7&8. Belt stretch and skew

These functions can (7) stretch or (8) skew (spin) the selected belt.

9&10. Belt location

Controls the belts location in relation to the center of the the Characters body. The items can be controlled (9) horizontally or (10) vertically.

Published by Kisekae Jade

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