Cartoon eyes and blush

Last Updated: 28 May 22


This Tab includes an important first step into customising your Character, as well as a lot of fun expressions and callouts.



Selects either a single Character (places a Yellow marker above their head), or all of the Characters.


Copies the currently selected Cartoon eyes & blush values from one Character, and applies it to either another slot on the current Character, or a slot on another Character.


Resets the Cartoon eyes & blush values from the beginning of your session.

Configurable Random

A Configurable Random Button that applies random attributes to the selected submenu items by clicking on the spanner icon on the right, making your choices, and clicking on Random.


By default this is set to Auto. The reason for this is that when you use the functions in either Automatic Touching or Dongs & vibes, or if you take off the characters clothes or repeatedly touch their Genitalia, they become aroused and cycle through a series of animations. This means one of the functions in this Tab (12), and the Facial Expressions Tab, cannot be accessed.

This is easily rectified by clicking on the Manual toggle, unlocking the previously locked tags in this Tab, and all the facial expressions in the Facial Expressions Tab. There will now be a series of locked Tags (1-5), but these only relate to the automatic facial expression functions and are no longer applicable.

If you find that you have a character pegged at 22 Arousal, it turns out that Kisekae has a function that increases arousal in Auto mode the less the character is clothed. The increase in arousal is as follows:

  • Without panties +10

  • Panties are visible (skirt and pants are not turned on) +6

  • The brassiere is visible (undershirt, shirt, vest, and blazer are not turned on) +6

Despite the fact that panties off equals 10, just panties and no pants equals 6, and showing the bra (or no bra at all?) is equal to 6, a completely naked character in Kisekae on Auto mode maintains a solid 22 arousal.

I know that is not how math works. But that is why your naked character in Auto Mode maintains 22 arousal.


1. Facial expressions

Only works when in Auto mode. Usually what happens once you begin using the functions of the Automatic touching Tab, and the Dongs and vibes Tab, your previous expression goes back to neutral, in this case Value 1 in this Tag. The other seven Values in this Tag allow you to go back to a predetermined facial expression.

2. Ahegao

Only works when in Auto mode. Toggles wether or not the Characters facial expression cycles as the 10. Blush value rises.

3. Sensitivity

Only works when in Auto mode. A slider that increases the Characters sensitivity to touch. Default value is 10.

4. Tears threshold

Only works when in Auto mode. A slider that increases/decreases the Characters susceptibility/sensitivity to tears. Default value is 40.

5. Clouded breath

Only works when in Auto mode. A slider that increases/decreases the Characters susceptibility to produce a heated breath.

6. Comic eye effects

Produces a total of 43 different selectable expressive eye replacements, with a Single swab colour pallet (62 colour), and a sideways facing arrow to mirror the expression.

7. Comic eye size

A single slider to adjust the size of the Comic eyes.

8. Horizontal eye location

Moves the eyes closer/further away from each other.

9. Vertical eye location

Moves the eyes up and down in relation to the center of the head.

10. Blush

Increases/decreases the visual blush on the Characters face. Is also used as a metric for gauging the Characters amount of arousal.

11. Face shadow effect

Has a graying effect on the face, and can be used to show shock or disgust.

12. Special eye effects

A total of six different selectable eye effects, with 01 being a shimmering effect.

13. Comic expressions

A total of 10 different selectable comic expressions that can be equipt concurrently, and a sideways facing arrow to mirror the expression.

14. Emogi speech balloons

A total of 22 different selectable comic emogi’s in speech balloons.

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