Free arrange arms

Last Updated: 02 Mar 21


These are an item that is placed freely on the screen, and are not attached to any Character. They are a stand-alone lower arm that you can do what you want with!


Shuffle Slots

Sorts the slot you have selected in 2. Hair Slots, and allows you to shuffle your slots around to your choosing. A guide can be found at this link.


Copies the currently selected Arm values from one Character, and applies it to either another slot on the current Character, or a slot on another Character.


1. Arm slots

A total of 99 selectable slots that you can use to display your different Arms concurrently.

2. Arm style

Theres 13 different styles to choose from with 13 being no arm (or hand), which is ‘handy’ if you want to display an accessory only, without the arm in the way.

3. Arm Opacity

Manages the transparency of the selected Arm.

4. Arm size

A single slider to change the size of the whole Arm.

5. Arm thickness

This governs the thickness of the lower arm, giving it mass seperate from the hand. Think of it more as the mass of the arm instead of a size slider.

6-9. Arm location

Places the Arm on the screen. You can (6) spin it, move it (7) horizontally or (8) vertically, or move it through the layers (9) front to back.

10. Hand gestures

Makes the same 57 hand gestures as in Arm poses and hand items Tags 3&7.

11. Hand angle

Bends the hand at the wrist.

12. Hand held items

Uses the same 75 items from Arm poses and hand items Tags 9&10.

13. Sleeves

A total of 13 different selectable sleeves to add to the Arm.

14. Wrist Accessories

Contains 25 different wrist accessories for the Arm.

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