Face Marks

Last updated: 5 Jun 21


Adds marks and decorations to the face.



Selects either a single Character (places a Yellow marker above their head), or all of the Characters.

Shuffle Slots

Sorts the slot you have selected in 2. Hair Slots, and allows you to shuffle your slots around to your choosing. A guide can be found at this link.


Copies all of the Hair peices that are currently visable from one Character, and paste them to another. A guide can be found at this link.


Copies the currently selected Face Mark values from one Character, and applies it to either another slot on the current Character, or a slot on another Character.


Resets the Face mark values from the beginning of your session.

Random Configurable

A Configurable Random Button that applies random attributes to the selected submenu items by clicking on the spanner icon on the right, making your choices, and clicking on Random.


1. Display mark

Selectable slots for your various marks, up to 30 can be applied consecutively.

2. Mark shape

Select from 58 different marks that can be applied to the head only. Includes a Triple swab colour pallet (62 Colour), selectable arrows for left, right, or both cheeks, and a two layer upwands facing arrow, which places the marks either behind facial features, or in front of them. One of the really handy uses for these is that they only apply to the face. It makes them great for making masks or fur patterns.

3. Mark opacity

A slidable scale that adds transparency to the selected mark.

4&5. Mark size

Changes the size of the mark. Decouple the (4) horizontal and (5) vertical sliders by clicking the chain link between the two.

6. Skew the mark.

Streches and deforms the mark.

7. Rotate the mark

Spins the mark through 360o.

8&9 Mark movement

Changes the location of the mark in relation to the center of the head.

Published by Kisekae Jade

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